ROGÉ CAVAILLÈS – Loves and nurtures sensitive skin


In 1855, the pharmacy “Rogé Cavaillès” was officially opened and named after the two founders Rogé and Prosper Cavaillès. This “original” pharmacy still exists until now, located at 116 Boulevard Haussmenn, the capital of Paris. At that time, pharmacies were only considered as small laboratories serving the production process and sold directly to consumers.


In 1905, Rogé Cavaillès launched the first “surgras” soap cakes, quickly establishing themselves as the leading personal care brand in the French market. Rogé Cavaillès soaps were the best-selling toiletries product on the market at the time and retained the status of top personal hygiene products to this day. Thanks to their protective properties and Nourishes the most sensitive skin.


Roge Cavailles

Rogé Cavaillès cares for and protects the most delicate, sensitive skin with specially formulated hypoallergenic “surgras”. These formulations have been rigorously [tested in clinical, gynecological and dermatological] to ensure long lasting efficacy and quality.

Rogé Cavaillès is a reputable brand that maintains the highest quality standards and is recommended by dermatologists. Its product line includes: bar soap, liquid soap, shower gel, shower gel, body moisturizer, facial cleanser, deodorant and intima hygiene products.