Brand History.


Puressentiel was founded in 2005 inspired by the passion of Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni. The brand has strongly developed with the high level of aromatherapy treatment from the true natural ingredients. Puressentiel brings to the market the efficacy of herbal products which highly response to customer demand.



Values and engagements:

Puressentiel provide to customers the solution for anti-bactirial, health care and well-being from aromatherapy expertise. The brand equally continues to research and improve the quality of each product to bring the highest efficacy and tolerance factors to customer. Organic and 100% natural ingredients are among our commitments.

Puressentiel is created to take care of all the family. Because, these days, our life style has slightly changed lead to the greatly improvement of health care methods. At Purssentiel, we provide the solution for a healthier life and also respect the environment

Puressentiel draws on the very best that nature has to offer, in an environmentally friendly and responsible way, and reproduces it in the purest, most essential form, to guarantee “pure effectiveness”.

We do this in accordance with our Pure Quality Charter, respecting nature, the people who look after it, and fundamental human rights. Every day, at each stage of our product production cycle, from harvest to delivery, Puressentiel is committed to taking a 100% environmentally friendly, socially responsible and sustainable approach.

And we have always supported numerous organizations that share these values.