Nature is a woman’s best ally in enhancing her beauty. Natural beauty is dormant in every woman. Only natural and organic cosmetics can release this wealth of beauty by weaving a harmonious bond with the essence of femininity. To create this harmonious bond, SO’BiO étic® has developed exceptional treatments that are perfectly symbiotic with the skin. 

Our cosmetics are totally free of any type of ingredient that has been demonstrated or alleged to be harmful. 

Our skincare treatments are free from parabens, glycol, silicone, PEG, nanoparticles and chemical filters.

Tolerance testing is rigorously and systematically carried out on all of our formulas.

SO’BiO étic® was founded in 2007 when women mistrusted the drifts of the global cosmetic industry. Charles Kloboukoff – a committed entrepreneur, realizes that it is urgent to offer a natural cosmetic that borrows the organic way to reconcile safety, efficiency and pleasure while acting with the state of mind close to the LÉA NATURE group: sourcing, innovating, produce and develop with strict respect for Man, his health and Nature.

A new cosmetic brand was born, a brand that uses the beauty of nature to elevate the beauty of women:


• All our treatments benefit from the Ecocert certification and comply with the Cosmébio charter. We are also constantly limiting the impact of our activities on the environment (recyclable packaging, choice of clean and renewable energy).


• We work in cooperation with our stakeholders by favoring local producers (Donkey milk). If necessary, we support our suppliers in their organic conversion process (Asinerie des Varennes in Dompierre-sur-mer).


• We are developing solidarity purchasing for raw materials that we cannot find near our production centers. Our approach is then to ensure that our supply is accompanied by health, social and economic progress for the local populations. In Burkina Faso, our sourcing of shea butter from the Nununa Federation brings a guarantee of income to women who are members, as well as a greater consideration of them in society. In Brazil, we buy organic Copaïba from the Satéré Mawé tribe in exchange for a fair price, which allows them to preserve their autarkic and traditional way of life.


• We are members of the Club 1% for the planet and contribute to the funding of environmental associations (i.e. 5.5 million euros donated by the Group since 2007).