Respecting beauty is above all respecting nature.

Le Petit Olivier and One Voice are committed to animal and planetary ethics

This means that all of our brand products are labelled One Voice: we guarantee that the ingredients of our products and all our finished products have not been tested on animals and that we do not market them in countries where animal testing is required.

It is a conviction so strong that we made the choice from our creation (2001), to engage with the association One Voice.

We favour ingredients of natural origin and we do not use any animal product in our products, with the exception of beeswax.

Our History

“It was in 1996 that we created La Phocéenne de Cosmétique, with a real desire for adventure. In an ultra-competitive market, we wanted to have a special status.

When we created Le Petit Olivier, our unique brand, we wanted it to be independent, free from strategic decisions guided by the search for profit at all costs. We, what we wanted was to put forward our own vision of beauty, one that responds to deep commitments and sincere values.

Since our beginnings, we have engaged in an approach of being respectful to our environment by manufacturing true and authentic products.

“Collecting the original benefits of natural wealth, while respecting the environments for human, animal and plant, it is not just a fashionable thought, it is a true way of thinking: Le Petit Olivier’s way”

This is why we want our products to meet 4 commitments: respect for women, selection of quality raw materials, respect for our environment and respect for the men who accompany us on this adventure.

For those reasons, we are committed to bring a beauty that is part of respect for nature, respect for the people who work with us, respect for women. The respect which restores beauty to all its value, all its strength, its power of admiration. We want to make people realize that beauty is precious.