The secret of skin care

Based on research, the Embryolisse brand values and respects the skin throughout the entire consumer’s life. Combining the necessary ingredients for beauty, Embryolisse cosmetics can reach all subjects in the simplest and most effective way.

An iconic brand

In 1950, at St Louis hospital, a dermatologist offered a safe and accessible treatment aimed at making the skin beautiful in the most natural way: Lait – Crème Concentré was born (LCC)!

 A wonderful product, first prescribed by a doctor and soon accepted by makeup professionals and women around the world, “LCC” has become an iconic product in many decades. Efficient, accessible and multi-functional, our customers keep telling us: “trying it is adopting it”.

 Therefore, in addition to the proven effectiveness of skin care from Embryolisse, the power of word of mouth has helped transmit the secrets from mothers to daughters, from makeup artists to stars, from influencers to followers.



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