Eau Thermale Jonzac


Create the cosmetics of the future while respecting the fundamental cycles of Nature.
With Eau Thermale Jonzac ® , the LÉA NATURE Laboratory is creating a new generation of skincare which advances the effectiveness of cosmetics while advocating the greatest respect for Nature and the physiological mechanisms of the skin.

Convinced that science can advance with respect for Nature and women, the LÉA NATURE Laboratory offers, with Jonzac, the best in cosmetics:

– the efficiency and sensoriality expected from conventional cosmetic products,
– the high tolerance specific to dermo-cosmetic treatments,
– the security provided by naturalness and the absence of substances suspected of being harmful to health in its formulas.



Make the skin an ally rather than an obstacle in the quest for cosmetic efficiency.
The skin is an intelligent natural shield that knows how to recognize what is beneficial to it. It is by creating osmosis between natural ingredients and the nature of the skin that cosmetics advance in the right direction.

Hypermineralized, Jonzac thermal water is isotonic, that is to say, that its mineral composition is very close to that of skin cells. This water with unique properties, linked to biomimetic active ingredients associated with a formulation developed for high tolerance, free from any occlusive components or suspected harmful to health, make Eau Thermale Jonzac ® care particularly affinity with the skin.
This affinity allows optimal penetration of the active ingredients for enhanced effectiveness.