Christian Lenart

Christian Lenart is a talented biologist of the twentieth century. He inherited the creative talent of his father, who was a famous expert in the French extraction industry at the time. Inheriting his enthusiasm for labour and his love for nature, Christian Lenart has constantly researched and found reliable doctrines about the effects of natural factors on health care. as well as beauty to humans. His studies provided the first basis for the twentieth-century scientists to accept the doctrine.

Christian Lenart – Officially available in Vietnam
Christian Lenart – one of the leading natural cosmetic products in France, was present in the United States in 2014 and officially distributed in Vietnam in 2015 by SAGEN COMPANY. This event marks a new beginning for Vietnamese consumers to access quality products from France.
Improving the quality of products and services to satisfy our customers is the motto we always put on top. To do this, we bring to the prestigious product line, extracted more than 98% from nature, protecting the skin for women.

The secret of over half a decade of the French
In order to ensure the highest purity for its flower extract formulas, Christian Lenart used the steam distillation principle, which helps the essential oil layer to be separated perfectly. After more than half a decade of research and development, Christian Lenart retains its brand identity with products derived from natural floral fragrances, each of which is a unique feature suitable for many people. Different usage of statues.