In 1988,
Two pharmacists, Jacques Grinholtzand Claude Blau, each established in different working-class areas of Paris, were considering theskin problems (pigmentation marks, uneven colour, poor hydration, etc.) of theirclientele, the majority of whom had black, olive or mixed-race skin.

At this time, theyquickly realized that there was a major problemamongst their clients – a lack of knowledge of howto take care of their skin.

In their quest for beautiful skin and clear, even-toned complexions, these clients too often turn to solutions that may be quite unsuitable, or even dangerous and toxic (hydroquinone, topical steroids, etc.). Most of the time, the results obtained are the opposite of those wanted, with serious adverse effects for the skin.


In 2001,
Aware of the growing number of women and men wanting to obtain effective results without side effects, Jacques and Claude created Laboratoire CHATEAU ROUGE, offering a full range of skincare designed for black, olive and mixed-race skins.


Laboratoire CHATEAU ROUGE is giving priority to active ingredients from plant sources, combined appropriately according to their properties,to optimize the effectiveness of the product.

Each product is subject to rigorous controls to ensure that it is safe to use.

The full CHATEAU ROUGE range is available at pharmacies and similar outlets.

Laboratoire CHATEAU ROUGE, 
dermatological excellence for black, olive and mixed-race skins.