Passionate about perfumery and cosmetics, the Berdoues family created in 1902 its eponymous brand whose savoir-faire has been passed on through four generations. For the past 100 years, the brand has created, innovated and united around its passion.
Berdoues: One brand, four generations, two worlds.
So that everyone can reveal themselves and find their perfume, their care product that resembles them.

By relying on our savoir-faire, we’ve developed our expertise: products inspired by nature, based on research that is always more advanced. Our laboratory has elaborated formulas that are 90% to 98% natural in order to respect the skin’s fragile balance.
All are our active ingredients have been finely selected for their recognized effectiveness and their regenerative properties. Each care product has its own complex composed of 2 to 5 active ingredients that have been researched and adapted to the needs of each product.


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