SAGEN GROUPE always attaches great importance to talent & human development. SAGEN GROUPE always wants to create a fair & interesting playground for members of the company and emphasize the factor responsibility in the work for each member joining.

With the view to building a strong cultural environment from responsible, job-loving individuals and having goals suitable to the organizational goals;

SAGEN GROUPE places the principle of selecting suitable and potential candidates in positions that are capable of promoting their strengths. According to this principle, we do not distinguish beliefs, races, religions, gender, nationalities in the process of selecting candidates wishing to cooperate with the Company. In addition, SAGEN GROUPE always focuses on creating opportunities for potential factors, want to develop their career in the Company, this is done through internship programs & recruitment policy at SAGEN GROUPE.

Recruitment policy

– All candidates are equal when looking for opportunities to work at SAGEN GROUPE.

– Candidates have access to, complete and clear information responses & confidentiality during the recruitment process.

– Recruiting publicly and consistently.