SAGEN – Safe Generations, the principle of establishing Sagen Group is to create a generation of businesses that together develop sustainably based on each individual factor. Each individual’s effort creates the success of a business, fair cooperation between businesses creates a generation of sustainable development.

SAGEN has a young intellectual human resource operated by a team of experts who have lived and worked in France for many years, approached the innovative thinking characteristic of Western Europe, so we are always looking forward to expanding relationships, exchanging to develop together with you – potential partners in Vietnam as well as globally.

As a corporation built on the basis of science and technology combined with the bilateral culture of Asia – Europe, SAGEN always takes the ” transparency ” from ancient Vietnamese culture to be a guideline to approach all customers and partners, as well as internally. All activities of the company are carried out most clearly.

As a legal representative of French business in Vietnam, SAGEN is committed to providing Vietnamese consumers with safe products bearing the “Made In France” label and great customer service.

SAGEN always wishes to cooperate with customers and business partners, having the criteria of mutual respect and equal development to bring the greatest benefits to each individual and the whole society.