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Event Etiaxil launching product line for men 2023

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EVENT ETIAXIL 2023 at Hotel Des Arts Saigon.
On April 26th, to mark the launch of the specially designed deodorant for men, Etiaxil For Men – from the number 1 deodorant brand in France, Etiaxil organized the “ETIAXIL 2023” event with many meaningful stories.
The event took place in the luxurious and artistic space of Hotel Des Arts Saigon, led by the famous MC Minh Xu, with the special participation of Mrs. Gwenael & Mr. Julien, brand representatives from the Cooper Group, singer Noo Phuoc Thinh, and the enthusiastic response of the KOL/Beauty Blogger community and well-known media representatives.
The meeting aimed to bring Etiaxil For Men closer to customers – this new deodorant roll-on helps men maintain a dry body all day long, combined with a strong warm woody scent, creating a confident aura for 48 hours without causing yellow stains or wet sweat marks under the arms.
This was also a very special occasion to look back on a long journey that ETIAXIL and Sagen have made efforts over the years: Leading the deodorant market in Vietnam through impressive numbers, 1.5 million products sold last year, and planning for 3 million bottles to be sold in the coming year.
Sagen affirmed its pride and honor to cooperate with the Cooper Group, bringing quality products to the Vietnamese consumers.

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