Who are we?

SAGEN GROUPE is a holding company specializing in importing and distributing pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health care and beauty products in Vietnam market.After years of strong development, Sagen Groupe with a team of high skill, experience and enthusiasm is gradually asserting our position in the market. We want to bring more benefits and value to the community.

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Import & Exclusive Distribution

Bringing world famous brands to consumers at affordable prices

Distribution & Wholesale

Working with retail partners in the distribution market in Vietnam to bring high-quality products to the masses

Retail & E-Commerce

Directly servingcustomers through the retail chain model as well as E-commerce platforms.

Our Brands

Natural cosmetics

Christian lenart

Christian Lenart– one of the leading natural cosmetic lines in France, was present in the United States in 2014 and was officially distributed in Vietnam in 2015.After more than 100 years of research and development with ever-improving formulas, Christian Lenart retains the brand identity with highly purified products, containing essences of flowers and berry flavors. natural aroma and separate uses of each extract in each product, suitable for many different users.

Natural cosmetics


LOVEA is a French cosmetic brand founded in 1994 specializing in organic sunscreen, hair and body care lines. Lovea Nature was born with a formula that uses 95% to 100% natural ingredients, does not contain substances harmful to the body such as Sulfate, Paraben. In 2008, Lovea expanded its products to the field of hair and body care. and gradually become a leading name in the field of producing organic products.

Natural cosmetics

Le petit olivier

Le Petit Olivier is a famous cosmetic brand made in France, specializing in providing skin care and hair care product lines extracted from natural ingredients such as ovlie oil, argan oil, shea butter, … Le Petit Olivier is the first brand on the market to be certified and labeled made in France and protected.Le Petit Olivier is more concerned with “how” than “how much”. Although we cannot change the world from creating care products, at Le Petit Olivier we believe that we can do it from respecting people, the environment, carefully choosing each product ingredient. products, respect partners and employees.



SO’BiO Etic is a famous French organic cosmetic brand, certified organic from Ecocert and Cosmebio standards. SO’BiO products contain up to 99% natural ingredients. Does not contain harmful substances, Sulfate, EDTA, PEG, Paraben, Silicone, artificial flavor is characteristic of SO’BiO brand.Products of SO’BiO Etic are designed according to the idea of “Beauty from nature” and are the harmony between safety, effectiveness and joy when using the product. SO’BiO Etic is a prestigious French brand of organic products. Entering the Vietnamese market for a short time, the effectiveness and safety of SO’BiO Etic’s products have been confirmed by customers and given many positive feedbacks.



Eau Thermale JONZAC is a cosmetic brand from France, of Lea Nature group, proud to be the leading organic cosmetics in France. Certified organic by the most prestigious organic certification agency in France – Ecocert. With the desire for safe and effective skin care, Eau Thermale JONZAC has specialized lines for each skin type: acne skin, sensitive skin, dehydrated skin, and even a line for babies. All products are clinically tested to ensure no skin irritation.



Etiaxil is known as the world’s number 1 deodorant. Known for its outstanding deodorizing ability. However, many people do not know how to use  Etiaxil , leading to the product not being fully effective. Or some cases cause discomfort, itching.


Chateau Rouge

Brand Chateau Rouge was founded in 2001 in France. The Chateau Rouge brand may be strange to Asians, but in European or African countries, the products of the Chateau Rouge brand are always trusted by women for their ability to whiten skin.The products of the Chateau Rouge brand have plant-based and seafood-based ingredients with rigorous testing to bring the best products to the hands of users.



Embryolisse is a French cosmetic brand born in 1950, at St Louis Hospital. Embryolisse products follow a philosophy established over 70 years: minimalist formulas, ingredients thoroughly researched by dermatologists, and universality for all skin types.Embryolisse Lait – Crème Concentré moisturizer is the first and most representative product that makes its name. Lait – Crème Concentré, also known as condensed milk cream, helps nourish and beautify the skin in a natural and safe way like milk. This is also a skin care – beauty product that was first prescribed by a dermatologist and chosen by many makeup artists.


Roge Cavailles

Founded in 1924, Roge Cavailles has more than 90 years of research and development in feminine hygiene products. Currently, the brand has been present in over 125 countries worldwide, is the best-selling feminine hygiene solution brand in France and Europe. Exclusive application of micro-encapsulation technology for safe, natural cleaning.This technology helps to protect the active plant ingredients by a polysaccharide film for up to 12 hours. In addition, it also protects Lactobacillus bacteria, helping to maintain physiological pH (5.5). In particular, with Prebiotics ingredients to help support the balance of beneficial bacteria and microflora on the skin, helping to limit the impact of bacteria that cause skin diseases.



Adopt’ is a French perfume line with a variety of gentle scents from nature with a capacity of only 30ml, giving you a wonderful scent experience that few perfume companies have.Adopt’ genuine French perfume collection  has more than 150 diverse fragrances, ranging from usage needs to personal personality, giving you a wonderful scent experience that few brands have.



Berdoues 1902 is a famous perfume brand in France and is sought after in many parts of the world. Berdoues is the name of the family that founded the brand and 1902 is the milestone marking the birth of their first product. Since then until now, Berdoues have kept their character with a gentle, elegant, seductive style mixed with a bit of personality. Experiencing many renovations, Berdoues now captures the tastes of users extremely well and has become one of the familiar destinations for many people’s fragrances.



Oenobiol is a famous health and beauty brand from France founded by Marie Béjot. Each product line, each supplement of Oenobiol is born from the valuable experience in the medical field of Marie Béjot.In 1989, stemming from the needs and experiences of many patients with skin problems caused by sunlight, Marie Béjot launched the most amazing innovative concept in the beauty world:

  • Perfectly replenished nutrients, giving skin a radiant beauty outdoors.
  • At the same time, supporting health protection, preventing skin tanning, helping you feel secure when your skin is exposed to the sun.


Puressentiel is a French brand, specializing in the production of products extracted from 100% pure and natural BBDEO (Plant and Biochemically Defined Essential Oils) essential oils. Puressentiel products ensure no colorants, no preservatives, no synthetic fragrances, no mineral oils and especially no gas propellants to ensure safety for consumers.


Fleurance nature

Is a French organic cosmetic brand established in 1972 with products derived from nature that do not contain harmful chemicals and pesticides. Fleurance Nature was founded on the principle of selecting healthy natural products, respecting good farming practices, high quality and effective safety.

Sagen R&D­
“We Provide Not Only Imported Products”

Sagen Groupe researches and develops innovative products of high quality, which undergo rigorous testing according to European standards with the hope of bringing our own products to consumers.

International Trade Office
PHARMATECH – The Hand to Help Us Reach Out to the World

PHARMATECH is a company under the management of Sagen Groupe operating in the field of e-commerce, combining technologies into foreign trade.Paris, France, is the chosen location to establish our international branch, which makes it more convenient for us to communicate and work with our European partners.

Life at Sagen Groupe